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What is a ?

Is a program behind a chat application that will work for you 24 hours 365 days a week. The bot can sell your services, attend your customers or help you to get more leads.

You can add it to your web as a widget or use in Facebook messenger, telegram, etc. You don’t need to understand technology to use it as you don’t need to know what electricity is to switch on a light.

Would you like to see it in action? Here you can see a a quick demo.

We give you the toolkit so that
you can create
your bot

Reduce customer support cost

By automating most frequent customer questions with a chatbot

Customize without code

Pick a template, our intuitive interface means you can fine-tune your bot with ease.

Seamlessly publish everywhere

Launch across Facebook, Telegram or even in your own website.

Autoshare new content

From an RSS feed, social media posts, or your website.

Cloud base

Experience the pleasure of a server free solution with no installation cost hosted in the cloud.


Adding a bot to your startUp comes at a zero-installation cost and early adopters receive a lifetime discount to help forecast budget needs far in advance.

Choose a template or create something new

Customer support


Allow your customers 24 hours of support. Not only the bot can answer FAQ but also they can connect you with your clients on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

Shopping bot


Create a botStore and let it sell your products non-stop.

Custom made for you


A blank canvas to design your bot, trading bot, weather forecast, IoT bot or AI bot endless possibilities. Let’s have a chat and we will build the bot that fits your needs.

"Working with the customer support Bot has saved our team countless hours"
Gareth Smith
Customer Support Manager

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